Our company finds it important that the present and future generations live in a habitat with environment, economy, and natural resources are in balance. For this purpose, we adopt a sustainable development policy, and are conscious of the requirements in this field.


At Gözde Eren Construction, we attach great importance to occupational health and safety, and we take all the necessary precautions against any event that may pose a risk during mining. We aim to minimize risks by taking precautions at our production and work sites, as well as providing periodical safety training of our people by expert trainers in the field.


The preservation of environmental values is an important factor of sustainable development. It is with this understanding that our company attaches greatest importance to the preservation of environmental values and follows through the requirements set out in the relevant regulations and legislation.
In this respect, we show due diligence in returning the mining sites to the Forestry Department for afforestation once we finish production.