Message From Our Founder

Ali Karabulut

Established in 1987 by Geological Engineer (MSc) Ali Karabulut, the company has exploration and mining sites in a number of regions Turkey.  The biggest among the company’s mining sites is in the Şile district of Istanbul, where clay and white ceramic sand, the main ceramic raw materials, are produced.  Sands from these mines are washed and turned into heat-resistant foundry sand and construction sand.  We also extract gas sand that is produced during the production of these raw materials. Other exploration sites are the coal, clay, and bentonite sites in the Korgun district of Çankırı.

Our company has supplied raw materials to a lot of ceramic factories, chiefly among them the Çanakkale, Kütahya, Ege, Toprak, and Hitit Ceramic Factories. In addition to our own production, we work with subcontractors to obtain certain products. Our company is one of the few raw material producers in the ceramics industry in Turkey. As a company which possesses environmental consciousness, we have been exemplary in our environmentally-conscious mining practices with the 30,000 pine and acacia trees planted in the mines we have built, after we have levelled and handed the sites over to the Forestry Department at the end of production.

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About Us

Gözde Eren Construction Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established by Geological Engineer (MSc) Mr. Ali Karabulut in 1987 under the name of Evren Mining. Aiming to sustain the business established by Mr. Karabulut with the same honest, principled and responsible approach to mining, Gözde Eren Construction carries out ceramic raw material production activities in its clay and sand mines in Şile. With a goal to create sustainable value, our company continues its steady efforts to support the economic goals of the country as well as the environment.


Our vision is to add value to our country’s economy in the ceramic raw material production industry with an honest and principled approach, to keep abreast of the requirements of the digital age, and to continue our relationship with our customers built on trust.


Our mission is to tap into our country’s underground resources with our well-established history and three decades of experience, sensitivity to occupational safety and environmentally-friendly mining approach.

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